Blended Learning in Action PDF

Blended Learning in Action

A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change

Author: Catlin R. Tucker Tiffany Wycoff Jason T. Green
Publisher: Corwin, Release date: Mar 24, 2017

Shift to blended learning to transform education    

Blended learning has the power to reinvent education, but the transition requires a new approach to learning and a new skillset for educators. Loaded with research and examples, Blended Learning in Action demonstrates the advantages a blended model has over traditional instruction when technology is used to engage students both inside the classroom and online. Readers will find:

  • Breakdowns of the most effective classroom setups for blended learning
  • Tips for leaders
  • Ideas for personalizing and differentiating instruction using technology
  • Strategies for managing devices in schools
  • Questions to facilitate professional development and deeper learning